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Protein for vegans: Reach your fitness goals with cruelty-free supplements

A vegan diet can have multiple advantages to your health. However, going vegan is not an easy road to take. Especially if you are a professional athlete or a sports enthusiast for whom giving up protein powder might mean dramatically decreasing your performance. But there is an effective solution to this problem – a vegan protein powder by Edody. It is the perfect choice for those who want to switch to the vegetarian or vegan lifestyle without sacrificing their usual exercise routine and staggering their fitness results. Are you lactose intolerant? Want to feel Every Day One Day Younger? Then you are going to love our plant-based protein too! With our product, you can increase the protein intake without suffering from whey allergies.

What is vegetarian protein?

For a long time, many had believed that professional athletes could not follow the vegetarian or vegan diet because animal protein is vital to building muscle. But the times have changed. Vegan protein powder development has finally presented a much-needed alternative to the animal one. Edody vegan powder consists of 100% organic and GMO-free ingredients such as pea protein isolate, hemp protein, sacha inchi protein with milled chia seeds and spirulina for added vitamins as well as natural vanilla and stevia leaf extracts for a more pleasant taste.

Switching to plant protein makes you feel Every Day One Day Younger?

  • Say goodbye to allergies
    Consider trying vegan protein powder if you feel gassy and bloated after taking whey protein. These are classic signs of lactose intolerance. Plant-based products will also help those with gluten allergies.
  • Load up on fiber
    Plant protein is packed with soluble and insoluble fiber that helps your digestive system run smoothly and keeps you feeling full for a long time after you had a meal.
  • Boost your metabolism and lose weight
    It takes a while to digest protein. Especially the plant one since it is so rich in fiber. Good news is that the longer your body works hard on metabolizing protein, the more extra calories you burn.
  • Balance the pH levels
    Animal protein is acidic in nature. Loading up on it causes our pH levels to mess up. Whereas, plant protein is alkaline and helps to restore the balance.
  • Stop counting calories
    Vegan alternative contains fewer calories than animal protein powder. Which means you can easily add it to your diet without the dreaded calorie counting

Why you should choose Edody vegan protein powder

The woman behind our brand is Tina Woodley – a renowned world champion power lifter and bodybuilder. She swears by the products she sells and takes Edody supplements herself. Tina’s excellent physique and youthful appearance are the best advertisement for the brand and the indisputable proof that our products really work. Our motto is - Every Day One Day Younger! Try Edody supplements to boost your sports performance, gain muscle, and turn back time without any chemicals or genetically modified products. Would you rather get some personal advice? Contact us for the options. The natural approach is the only way to go when it comes to promoting your health and preserving the Earth!

Edody is an initiative of Tina Woodley, an expert and a former World and European Champion in Bodybuilding and Powerlifting. She got inspired by her work: “Every Day One Day Younger”, a guide to the fountain of youth.


Since most people can’t eat the right way or let alone even eat enough vegetables.  Taking vitamins and supplements is a great help in giving the body what it needs. Also due to the commercial way of farming, many vegetables and fruits are covered with pesticides and or poison’s.  So is the ground that they grow in.


A balanced diet is one of the keys to look younger. Eat enough vegetables, protein, and some fruits.  Plus all the other benefits by eating much vegetables, besides feeling healthier, a balanced diet s a good way to boost your cardiovascular system.

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Besides food, not sleeping enough hours and a negative, stressful lifestyle will add many years to your actual age too!

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Some of the ways to keep balance are fitness exercises, yoga or just walking and doing some power training. This all increases the oxygen flow in the body. How much physical activity is needed, depends on your age. Ages 19 to 64 should do some kind of active moves  on a daily base,  two or three days of power training or three days of aerobic training. Power exercises use the major muscles (legs, back, hips, chest, shoulder, arms).

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At EDODY we love to hear from you. We will answer every request personally within 24 hours. Feel free to ask us anything you have in your mind. Every Day One Day Younger.

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